Actress Karthika to continue as Devasena - Guess how?

Although the character of Devasena was subtle in the first part of 'Baahubali' the second part gave a lot of focus and importance to the character. Anushka who played the role of Devasena was an apt fit and you simply can't imagine any one else playing the role so easily. The character Devasena was portrayed as a courageous women showing valour and also was given some sharp dialogues which evoked a great response from the audience.

Apparently it seems the writer of 'Baahubali' has fallen in love with this character. Vijayendra Prasad, the writer of the character has chose to make Devasena live by giving the name a new lease of life. Vijayendra Prasad who is currently penning a TV series 'Aarambh' which is to be aired on Star Plus and the writer has retained the name Devasena for one of the lead character in the series. The character is said to be of a Dravidian women and Tamil actress Karthika is playing the role in the TV series.

Star Plus is investing a lot of money on this TV series and you can expect a grand show with a powerful story line. The series 'Aarambh' is said to be based on the war between the Aryan and Dravidian culture. Exciting isn't it?