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3 Reasons why 'Pokkiri Raja' deserves a better recognition

27 Mar 2017

The Jiiva and Sibiraj movie 'Pokkiri Raja' that released earlier last year could have easily become one of the best comedy movies in the recent times. The movie had a very refreshing plot with the right proportion of comedy and fantasy which was something new to Tamil Cinema. Although the movie could sustain at the box office due to the flurry of releases every week and some poor word of mouth from the first day audience who had no clue of what to expect from the movie (The trailer was completely misguiding the audience). However, the movie was intelligently scripted with some extremely hilarious moments that could have worked out well with the audience had they set the expectation appropriately before its release. Jiiva was as usual very pleasant and bang on the role and Sibiraj also made quite an impact with his performance (Although he incorporated many of his fathers mannerism). The movie was directed by Ramprakash Rayappa whose first film 'Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum' was critically acclaimed.

The Comedy-Fantasy Genre:

The plot and screenplay of the movie was an innovative mix of comedy and fantasy which I reckon was never tried before in Tamil. The one criticism against the movie was that the central theme was so child like and illogical. But I would rather say that we have seen much dumb foreign movies with absolutely no logic like 'Shaolin Soccer' and other super hero and 'Pokkiri raja' is absolutely within the limits of sanity.

The BGM by Imman

One of the important reasons why this movie deserves a good recognition is the extremely apt background score by the music director Imman who has really leveraged the comedy element with some funky music that really went well with the genre of the movie. I absolutely loved the BGM every time Jiiva was creating a ruckus with his yawning and also the background score for Sibiraj was equally refreshing.

Hilarious sequences and performances

The movie has some very hilarious scenes that are sure to tickle your funny bone, like the one in the temple with Sibiraj, Jiiva, Yogi babu and Hanshika where every speak gibberish and the sequence where Jiiva was invited by his boss to help him cure his wife's insomania, each and every sequences were intelligently crafted and well executed. Ramdoss who plays the side kick of Sibiraj and Yogi babu who plays the role of Jiiva's friend had done their roles extremely good and supported the comedy quotient throughout. This movie is definitely a treat if watched with an open mind. Let us know your opinion. Subscribe to our FB page for more articles related to movies.      


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- 27 Mar 2017

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