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5 Reasons why Vijay's 'PULI' failed at Box Office

27 Mar 2017

The Vijay movie 'Puli' was released last year amidst much expectation. But the movie couldn't make quite an impact at the Box Office and was a failure ultimately owing to the production cost involved. The movie which was touted to be a Family Entertainer didn't get much acceptance among the designated audience. We at FO BoxOffice tried to analyze the factors that worked against this movie and submit this article.

The Fantasy Element -

Puli-Movie-New-Stills-4-800x534-800x445 Chimbudevan, who is known for his fantasy movies like 'Arai En 305 Kadavul' and 'Oru Kanniyum, Moonru Kalavaanigalum' is the director of this movie and has tried his hand on a genre that he is familiar with. The Fantasy elements of the story is with out a doubt is well thought of and should have worked well as the movie involves a big star like Vijay. But the reason this movie has bombed at Boxoffice is that the director couldn't do justice to the script as he also had an additional task of satisfying the hardcore Vijay fans and eventually had to compromise with the script.

The Ambience of the Movie -

1280x720-GAF Also, the ambience set by the director for this fantasy film was not something our audience would relate with. The sets and the locations used are more like worlds in the west than our own and it made difficult for the audience to connect with. We have already seen the director using the western themes for his movie in 'Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam' but it was a whole different ball game. But in 'Puli' this had worked negatively as we always want a star like Vijay to be associated to something we are familiar with.

The Background Score -

devi-sri-prasad-759 Devi Sri Prasad, the composer of the movie also couldn't do justice to the genre of the movie. For a Fantasy subject, the music should have played a pivotal role in setting up a mood for the genre. But what we saw in 'Puli' was some mediocre background score that completely went south to the movies genre. Also, the theme song and music in the movie didn't go well as it could suit only a commercial movie and not for a fantasy movie.

Traces of Hollywood movies -

0115 One can clearly find traces of Hollywood movies in many aspects of the film. Be it the 'Turtle' scene (John Carter) or the characterization of Sridevi (Snow White and the Huntsman), makes it pretty obvious that the several elements in the movie was inspired from various Fantasy movies in Hollywood. For a movie of such a grand scale, a little originality would have done plenty of good.

The Baahubali Factor -


'Baahubali', the epic movie in Indian cinema releasing just ahead of 'Puli' was also one of the biggest factor affecting the movies destiny at the Boxoffice. 'Baahubali' had already set a standard in the manner of its making and effective use of CGI. Although, the movie had a even bigger production cost than 'Puli', the audience are bound to compare the Vijay starrer 'Puli' with the Rajamouli's epic.   Let us know for your feedback and suggestions. Like us on Facebook and follow our site by subscribing to our articles.      


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