Breaking Update - Tamilrockers admin arrested and detained by Triplicane police

Posted On:-2017-11-03 20:02:19  By:-admin

Details :

The name Tamil rockers was synonymous to Tamil Cinema for quite a few reason. The illegal torrent site was known for uploading the latest Tamil movies on Internet through their site Inspite of repeated attempts to block their website, the site was operating through various aliases and was literally unstoppable. The illegal movie downloading site remained as a threat for Tamil Cinema industry. However, as per recent reports, the Tamilrockers admin has been arrested by Triplicane police and detained in D-1 station. In the last few years, the site had uploaded numerous movies on the very day of its release. There has been various legal complaints filed against the admin of the Tamil rockers site. The news of the arrest of the Tamilrockers admin has come as quite a relief for the film industry, especially for the small time producers. It is not known yet if there are any other associates involved in this cyber offense. More details are expected to emerge pretty soon. But this is a welcome development on the long battle of Tamil Cinema against the online piracy.