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GV Prakash on a roll - 'Enakku Innoru Per Irukku' Box Office Review

27 Mar 2017

GV Prakash seems to have struck the right chord with 'Enakku Innoru Per Irukku' (EIPI) as the movie is an outright commercial entertainer with all the ingredients for a successful film. GV has once again resorted to the formula that works best for him, but this time with a more elaborate plot and more commercial elements that seems to have helped the movie to a great extent. The movie is about the gang war between two groups in Royapuram for the throne of power and how a young guy who gets involved unexpectedly takes the front stage. Sam Anton who directed the blockbuster 'Darling' has joined hands with GV once again for this movie and has delivered what works well with the young audience in the age group of 18-24. This remains as both the biggest plus and the biggest minus for the movie. The first half is completely relying on the humor quotient and there is very little scope in terms of performance and intelligent story telling. The interval sequence will definitely evoke a very positive expectation for the second half and it should be said that the director has not deviated from it. The songs don't help a great deal for the movie and at times it is pretty irritating for its loud and turbulent orchestration. The background score goes along with the genre of the movie quite well and the main theme portion has a mass touch to it. There are quite a few lapses in the editing department which were intendedly planned to correspond to the fast screenplay, but it really makes the whole product look very amateurish. The man behind the lens has done a pretty neat job and there are no complaints on the department. Saravanan has made a decent come back with this movie and it will surely help him to fetch more offers in the industry. VTV Ganesh has also played his part quite well and has delivered what is expected of him. 'Naan Kadavul' has a very limited role in the movie and has performed it in his trademark style. The response this man gets among the audience is really amazing and the director has used it quite well. The spoof style climax sequence of the movie adds to the entertainment value and the audience seems to love it. GV Prakash is getting better and better with every movie and seems to be at ease with the role he has been assigned. It appears like he has a strategy plotted for his acting career and is religiously sticking to it without any compromise for a wholesome cinematic experience. It has worked quite well for him so far and we have to wait to see if it will help him in the future as well. With all that being said, the movie is bang on target for the audience it is intended for, but how well the audience who fall outside this demographic segment receive this movie would definitely impact the outcome at box-office. Rating:  2.5/5  


Steve Perry
- 27 Mar 2017

Even though Journey's classic vocalist Steve Perry didn’t reunite with the band during their Rock Hall performance (to the dismay of hopeful fans), he did offer up a touching speech.

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Joss Whedon
- 27 Mar 2017

Prince died not long after the 2016 Rock Hall ceremony, so this year's edition featured Lenny Kravitz and a full gospel choir performing a swamp-funk take on When Doves Cry.

Dave McNary
- 27 Mar 2017

Blue Sky Studios is one of the world’s leading digital animation movie studios and we are proud of their commitment to stay and grow in Connecticut.

Margot Robbie
- 27 Mar 2017

Joan Baez was the sharpest of the Rock Hall inductees, singing about deportees and talking social activism as well as joking about her age and the likelihood that a good portion of the Barclays.

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