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Iraivi - Box Office Review

27 Mar 2017

The much expected 'Iraivi' has finally released and the movie surely is bound to win some extraordinary accolades from critics and audience alike. The movie is actually a tale about two males who are self absorbed in their own life that they completely forget the well being of their better half. As a one liner it may appear quite simple and pretty usual theme, but the powerful screenplay and the way the director has sketched each and every character in the movie has really made it stand out. 'Iraivi' will be noted for the extraordinary performances of its lead characters like Vijay Sethupathi, S.J.Suryah and Anjali. Also Radha ravi, Seenu and Bobby Simha has delivered some very good supporting performance and this overall contribution from the entire cast will be one reason to watch the movie. Kamalini Mukarjee doesn't have much in terms of performance and done a decent job. It will be one more important movie in the career of Vijay Sethupathi and this man gets better and better with every movie. images Santhosh Narayanan's background score really adds up to the emotions in the movie and the songs doesn't interrupt the flow of the film. Songs are adapted well into the screenplay  except the 'Waste Bottle' song and 'Dushta' song is a key highlight in the movie. The choreography in the 'Dushta' and 'Waste Bottle' songs were a delight to watch. Santhosh Narayanan has himself made a cameo in one of the songs in the movie. With the exception to the cinematography, the technical aspects of the film are on the downside compared to the overall standard in the industry especially the editing. At times the movie gives us a feel of watching a short film because of a few amateur cuts here and there. Its almost difficult to understand S.J.Suryah's dialogues in most part of the first half. But still these minor glitches are forgotten because of the intensity of story and the pace of screenplay. Karthik Subbaraj has tried to convey the central theme in a subtle manner and we must say that he has been quite successful in his attempt. The message he has delivered in the movie is intertwined along with its story and the characters of the lead artists, and it doesn't appear to be preaching in any part of the movie, which has actually increased its effectiveness. Its a very good comeback for Anjali and she has grabbed the opportunity quite well to make an impact. On a whole, Iraivi is a must watch for all types of audience and it will surely make us think about the perception of oneself and his or her better half. Karthik Subbaraj has done justice to the expectation of his fans and made quite a mark in the industry as a powerful director. Few lags here and there could be neglected owing to the extraordinary efforts by the entire team. Our rating for the movie is below. Rating - 3.5/5


Steve Perry
- 27 Mar 2017

Even though Journey's classic vocalist Steve Perry didn’t reunite with the band during their Rock Hall performance (to the dismay of hopeful fans), he did offer up a touching speech.

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Joss Whedon
- 27 Mar 2017

Prince died not long after the 2016 Rock Hall ceremony, so this year's edition featured Lenny Kravitz and a full gospel choir performing a swamp-funk take on When Doves Cry.

Dave McNary
- 27 Mar 2017

Blue Sky Studios is one of the world’s leading digital animation movie studios and we are proud of their commitment to stay and grow in Connecticut.

Margot Robbie
- 27 Mar 2017

Joan Baez was the sharpest of the Rock Hall inductees, singing about deportees and talking social activism as well as joking about her age and the likelihood that a good portion of the Barclays.

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