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Poor scripting, Bad Casting and Lack of proper details ruined Kabali - Boxoffice Review

27 Mar 2017

In spite of watching the movie without any expectation and setting all the negative reviews aside, I was still disappointed after watching Kabali and felt incomplete. Although the magic of Superstar was intact in each and every frame of the movie, the movie still fails to make an impact on us. Ranjith is one of the director I respect the most and his earlier movies 'Attakathi' and 'Madras' are my personal favorites. I was quite sure that the true Rajini fan in Ranjith would do justice to our expectations.

The movie doesn't hold on to us quite well because of a very weak script and lack of proper detailing in the movie. The director has failed to narrate us a story with a proper backdrop and well crafted characters which reflects very poor on the screen. The plight of the Tamil people in Malaysia is not effectively conveyed by the director and it makes extremely difficult for us to connect with the happenings in the movie. Most of the time Rajinikanth is fighting only against drugs and other kind of smuggling and doesn't do much about the rights of native Tamils in Malaysia. The fact that Ranjith has roped in most of the actors from 'Madras' into 'Kabali' is yet an other costly mistake as the movie lacks versatility in terms of performance. Also the actors from outside of the Ranjith troop like Kishore and John Vijay doesn't have much in terms of character and performance. Radhika Apte and Dhansika shines in the limited space that is given to them. Attakathi Dinesh stands out with his performance from the rest and the character of Rythvika seems to be little annoying. Also all the mass moments in the movie was already highlighted on the teaser and there were no element of surprises in the movie. The romance portions between Rajinikanth and Radhika Apte are slow but still makes an impact because of the abundance of emotions. Also it is little disappointing that the climax of the movie is dealt very casually with the cliche gunfights and stuff. Also the lack of intense moments and proper detailing of the characters adds on to the downside of the movie. Santhosh Narayanan has really lifted the spirit in the movie with his Background score and the songs correspond to the mood of the movie quite well. A few crisp cuts from the editor would have done plenty of good to the movie. Ranjith definitely has a lot to learn from the movie 'Kabali' and is sure to evolve into a much matured director in the future. Kabali is a must watch to all for the realistic performance by Rajinikanth and the sincere effort from Ranjith. I got a hunch that the movie might draw better response from fans when we look back at the movie after a couple of years. For the moment, it has left me little disappointed to be honest. Rating - 2.5/5


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- 27 Mar 2017

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