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Simbu should start doing movies like Thottijaya - Boxoffice review

27 Mar 2017

It is refreshing to see STR playing a very subtle role in the movie 'Idhu Namma Aalu' and it has worked positively for the movie. Simbu perfectly suits for the role of an IT professional in the movie with his minimal body language and expressions. On the other hand, Nayanthara is as ravishing as ever and the onscreen chemistry of these two is simply a magic on the screen. Dialogues in the movie is a very strong hold along with the background score and songs. 'Kaatraga Vandha Ponnu' songs keeps you humming even after one exits the theatre. The first half of the movie is really entertaining with some very good comedy and the way the story was told on the go. The interval part makes one feel that the movie is set for some intense second half. But the directed decides to prove us wrong as he clears all the knots in the first 30 minutes into the second half. Just when we are wondering what is more to the movie comes the episode of clash between the parents of the lead pair. But again it doesn't fuel the movies rhythm to a great extent.

Pandiraj's Screenplay:

dc-Cover-7g4osqdcqfcnk5dsj9e2065cd6-20160525230246.Medi The screenplay of the movie is a much admirable aspect as it gives a feel to the audience of going through a beautiful photo album. The way he has presented the whole film is so fresh and youthful and it is sure to attract the young audience. But the prolonged telephone conversations between the lead pair, which is typical of a Pandiraj movie, has been taken to the next level as the entire movie happens over the phone. Though at few places it is interesting, at many places it tests our patience.

The Humor Quotient:

Soori travels along the entire journey of the movie and manages to adds the much needed comedy element to the movie. However, in few parts of the movie his irrelevant counter and awkward modulation is little annoying. But still his comedy has worked out quite well and the audience response is also pretty good. Santhanam does a cameo in the movie and the crowd loves to see him on the screen although his screen presence is very brief.

Kuralarasan Music:

Simbu with Kuralarasan-EPS Kuralarasan has held the music department for the movie and he has done a fantastic job both in the background score and songs. Its a pretty neat job for a first timer and this movie will definitely be a pretty good visiting card for him in the industry. There is a special title roll for the music even before the titles for the lead cast and other crew members are displayed. He will definitely be on rounds in the industry after this movie and has all the talent to be successful.

Pitfalls of the movie:

As already said, the long telephone conversations of the lead pair in the second half makes us yawn for most of the time and we feel exactly the same way how Soori reacts on the movie. Also, the fact that there are no intense moments on the movie gives a lag to the audience as they feel that the movie is being unnecessarily dragged without any proper content.


On a whole, the movie is worth a watch for Simbu and Nayanthara and some feel good content for the younger audience. For Simbu it just an other movie based on romance and one may wonder when he is gonna try other genres. When other major actors in the industry have started to try a variety of scripts, Simbu still resorting to the romance genre and masala movies may soon make the audience question about his versatility. Are we ever gonna witness a movie like 'Thottijaya' once again is a question that will linger on the minds of his fans. Our rating for the movie is below.
  • First half - 3/5
  • Second half - 2.5/5
  • Movie Rating - 2.75/5
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