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The Shining - The Mother of all Horror Movies

27 Mar 2017

Horror movies nowadays have become so predictable and is full of cheap thrills that fails to make an impact, except for that moment. Even successful horror movie franchises like Conjuring, Insidious and Annabelle are quite below par in terms of performance and pretty dull witted in terms of story and screenplay. Its absolutely rare to witness a horror film that simply doesn't rely on the visual gory but rather intimidate you with its haunting plot and mysterious characters that gives you chills every time you think of it even vaguely. Of all the horror movies that has ever been made so far, 'The Shining' based on the Stephen king novel of the same name and directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick would undoubtedly be the most scariest for a numerous reasons. Jack Nicholson delivered one of his finest performance of his career and Kubrick's close to the book adaptation made this movie an epic in the horror movie genre.

Interpretation of the Title

The term 'Shining' is used by one of the character in the movie to describe the paranormal ability of the mind that he and the kid of the lead character possess in common. This abnormal ability of the kid is a key aspect of the movie and the way it is used to explain the mysterious happenings that take place in the movie is beyond any of your expectations. The kids ability to 'shine' and perceive the paranormal activities that happens around is used used as a means of story telling technique by the director which is quite intelligent. the-shining

The Plot of the Movie:

The plot of the movie is quite intriguing and hooks one on to the movie right from the beginning. It starts with the scene where the lead character Jack Nicholson attends an interview for the post of caretaker of an isolated hotel located on the Colorado mountains which is to remain shut during the winter, as the heavy snow fall cause large scale landslide and block the roads leading to the hotel. He accepts the role and moves along with his family and spends the next few months in solitude. Quite a plot huh?

Ambiguous and open ended narration:

The film is highly ambiguous and is left for the audience interpretation on many instances. Also, the ending of the movie is one of the highly discussed and debated topic till now. The movie deals with multiple themes like Telekinesis, Psychology and Supernatural, and the way these are interwoven into the story line is simply brilliant. The film stands out from the novel in the manner these elements has been handled and the ambiguity involved.

The haunting visuals:

bloody-elevator Be it the abandoned hallway, or the tide of blood that flows out of the elevator, or the depiction of the Hotel itself is so haunting that it is sure to plague you for the rest of your life. The movie is filled with such disturbing visuals that aren't forced but rather details the horror that resides in the abandoned hotel which will make your heart skip a beat. Adding to this, the topnotch performance from the entire cast adds to the perfection of the movie. The Shining is a true landmark film in the horror genre and has influenced plenty of other film makers who made movies on this genre and will continue to do so. Subscribe to our articles and follow us on our FB page for more articles.


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- 27 Mar 2017

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