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Top 10 women based movies in Tamil Cinema - Best movies with Female lead

27 Mar 2017

From K.Balachandar's 'Aval our thodar kadhai' to the recently released Karthik Subbaraj directorial 'Iraivi', Tamil audience has witnessed several film makers who have given much importance to women in their movies. In an industry where movies are made based on heroism and where the male actors are worshiped as demigods, making a movie with a women centric theme needs a lot of guts. Here is a list of 10 movies in Tamil that are made with female lead characters. This list of Best women based movies is made based on the inputs given by our FB fans for the 'FO Movie Night' contest.

10. 36 Vayadhiniley - 201518743844-1_ebuzz_36vayadhinile_review__uepxs5o8_crop_640x358

This movie marked the comeback of Jyothika after her marriage with Suriya. Produced by Suriya himself, this movie talks about the struggles of a working women who re-invents herself after a series of unfortunate events the makes her family desert her. This is a remake of Malayalam movie and one should say the tamil version did justice to the orginal. The movie received very good response from the critics and audience and also did a decent business at the box office.

9. Magalir Mattum - 1994

Magalir Mattum

Directed by the industry veteran Singeetam Srinivasa Rao and produced by Kamalhassan, this movie is a hilarious take on three working women who face constant harassment in the form of their boss and how things go wrong when they decide to handle the issue on their own. With some good actors like Urvasi, Rohini and Revathy and some witty dialogues from Crazy Mohan, this movie is a strong contender for a place in this list. Actor Kamalhassan also does a cameo in this movie.

8. Kandukondein Kandukondein - 2000

Kand Kand This Rajiv Menon directed starring some impeccable talents like Mammooty, Tabu, Ajith and Aishwarya rai deserve a mention in this list for its central theme of self-realization of two young women about their goals, responsibilities and their perspective of love. Both the lead ladies delivered some brilliant performance in the movie along with the equally brilliant male leads and the poetic narration by Rajiv Menon was well complemented by A.R.Rahman's music in the songs and BGM.

7. Indira - 1995

indira Actress turned Director Suhasini Maniratnam's directorial debut 'Indira', also marked the debut of her sister Anu hassan as an actor in the lead . This Village drama based on the cast system and rivalry also talks about the vision of an young women who wish to bring a change. Aravind Swamy does an important role in this movie along with Nassar and Radharavi. Santhosh Sivan won the best cinematographer award for the film while the movie received Jury special award at the Tamilnadu state film awards.

6. Kalki - 1996

kalki When making a list of Women centric movies in Tamil, it is simply impossible to ignore K.Balachandar movies and Kalki is one such movie that deserves a mention. The movie starring Shruthi, Rahman, Geetha and Prakash Raj, this movie breaks all stereo types about women that were created in Tamil cinema and also in the society. The movie didn't go well at the Box-Office but however managed to earn itself a name for its bold and revolutionary plot and storyline.

5. Chithi - 1966

Chithi Directed by K.S.Gopalakrishnan and with M.R.Radha and Padmini in the lead, Chithi is a movie which talks about the sacrifices made by a typical Indian women. Padmini plays the lead role in the movie who plays the role of a housewife married to a aged man and struggling to lead a family because of the financial troubles apart from others troubles. The movie was remade in Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu.

4. Roja - 1992

arvind-swamy-roja This National award winning Maniratnam directed movie is an obvious choice in this list as the film portrays the extreme efforts a village women take to bring his husband back from the hold of terrorist. This film is loosely based on the Mythological characters Satyavaan and Saavitri. The film also marked the debut of the Oscar winning music legend A.R.Rahman and this movie also earned a national acclaim for Maniratnam as a director.

3. Aval Appadithaan - 1978

avalppadithan 'Aval Appadidhaan' is one of the rare gem in Tamil cinema and it definitely deserve a firm place on the list for its forward thinking characters and story line. The movie starring Rajnikanth, Kamalhassan, Sripriya and Saritha in the lead talks about the various perspective of women liberation and a males idea of women. This movie is probably far ahead of its time and definitely will remain that way for years to come. A must watch in this genre.

2. Aval Oru Thodarkadhai - 1974

avaloru Well, this list would be definitely incomplete without this movie. Probably the first movie that comes to our mind when talking about women oriented movies. This K.Balachandar directed movie is probably one of the best of all his movies and also best movie made based on women. The movie talks about the sacrifice made by an young women who shoulders all the responsibility of her large family after her fathers death. This movie was such a phenomenal hit that it was remade in five different languages.

1. Oru Veedu iru vaasal - 1990

Capture Yet another K.Balachandar movie on the list. This movie explore the life of two women in two distinct stories with a common theme of male chauvinism and women liberation. The movie is pretty experimental in the way of its screenplay and is definitely a bold attempt in its time. Though widely not regarded as one of the best movies of K.Balachandar, this movie deserve a mention in the list for its core message and the way the director had handled the issue of women empowerment in a male dominated society. The movie won the National award for the Best social film in 1991. Let us know your suggestions on the list and hope you enjoyed reading this article. Like and Subscribe FO Box Office for more qualitative content and reviews. Keep visiting.


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