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Top 5 Time Travel movies you need to watch.

27 Mar 2017

Time Travel has always been a fantasy for mankind ever since the theory was invented, although many scientists argue that its almost impossible for the human race to travel through time. This curiosity on time travel has always encouraged the Hollywood studios to make a variety of movies based on time travel. We have made a list of Top 5 movies every Sci-fi Time Travel movie lovers should watch. Here goes the list.  

Time Crimes - 2007

timecrimes11 Plot - A middle aged man accidentally travels few hours into the past and gets trapped into a series of bizarre events on an attempt to get hold of the present. This movie attempts to examine the weird effects of time travel and how the attempts to nullify the after effect would only result in greater catastrophe. This movie is originally made in Spanish and it received very good critic from Sci-Fi fans around the globe. This would be the first movie you should watch if you are new to this genre.  

Looper - 2012

looper 615 film district corr Plot- After the Time machine is invented in the future, the underworld dons use it to transport their kills to the past where they are executed by hired professionals called the Loopers. Looper is one movie that doesn't get you involved with the paradox of time travel but rather try to tell you a straightforward story without much Time travel gimmicks. The point where this movie stands out is the final part where the outcome of the future is completely transformed by the protagonist of the movie by just one single event at the present. Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Hewitt had given very good performance in the movie.  

Predestination - 2014

Predestination5-xlarge Plot- A time traveling agent who tries to prevent terror attack in the future gets tangled into the mysterious loop of Time travel. This Australian movie with Ethan Hawke in the lead is about a Time Travelling agent who is in the quest of preventing the 'Fizzle Bomber' who evoke terror in the city. The agent has to repeatedly travel back in time for his mission and the chaos caused by this is simply mind-blending. This movie will definitely leave you with lot of questions and probably watching the movie for a second time will give you a much clear understanding.  

Donnie Darko - 2001

slmqmrcgbncpd6hn4jhb Plot - A young boy who just escaped a tragic accident gets troubled visions in the form of a bunny rabbit which tells him that the world will end in 28 days. One of the earliest movies of the phenomenal actor Jake Gyllenhaal which also deals with a variety of themes apart from the movies central theme, 'The time travel'. This movie is not a straight forward Time travel story as with its other counterparts on the list, but deals with the Time travel concept in a more para-realm manner that makes this movie distinct from other time travel movies.  

Primer - 2004

primer Plot - A group of friends involved in developing a innovative technology accidentally discover the means for Time Travel. Now, this one definitely need multiple watching to have a basic understanding of what the movies is all about. The extreme technical references in the movie, the experimental story telling and the complex dynamics of the time travel makes this movie stand out of all the time travel movies ever made. This surely wont appeal to the general audience but definitely is an epitome for all the movies made in this genre. Subscribe to our articles by following our blog or like us on Facebook to get frequent updates.    


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