Vijay Sethupathi best movie performances - Films worth watching again for Makkal Selvan

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Actor Vijay Sethupathi has earned a name for his own among fans with his unique performances. He initially started his career playing side roles in movies like Pudupettai and few other films. He made a debut as hero in the movie 'Thenmerku Paruvakaatru'. The film directed by Seenu Ramasamy was critically acclaimed and fetched national award for Saranya Ponvannan. The career graph of Vijay Sethupathi is consistently on an upward trend ever since. He has delivered many memorable performances in his movies which has made him a huge star in the Tamil Cinema industry. He has also been consistent in giving movies that are box-office success.

Top 10 Best movies of Vijay Sethupathi

10. Pannaiyarum Padminiyum:

The film Pannaiyarum Padminiyum is based on the short film of the same name. The movie talks about the emotional bonding of an elderly person with his vintage car. Although Jeyaprakash was the lead in this movie, VJ Sethupathi delivered quite a striking performance as the assistant of Jeyaprakash and one who truly understands his bonding with the car.

9. Purampokku Enginra Podhuvudamai:

The film directed by SP Jananathan is a multi-starrer with Arya, Shyam and Karthika playing important roles. But the film revolved around the character of VJS and he made an extraordinary performance in the film. He played the role of a hangman in this film who has a moral dilemma about his job.

8. Aandavan Kattalai

Directed by Manikandan of 'Kakka Muttai' fame, the film is a light-hearted comedy which also carried a strong social message. Vijay Sethupathi played the role of a person who tries to find a job abroad. Rithika Singh played the female lead in this movie. The film was appreciated by critics and audience for the treatment of the story and the subtle message.

7. Orange Mittai

Orange Mittai was a low budget film which was produced by the actor himself. He played the role of a lonely old man who is quite eccentric in nature. Ramesh Tilak also played an important role in this film.`The film didn't do well at the box-office but was appreciated by critics for performances and off-beat theme.

6. Soodhu Kavvum

VJ Sethupathi played the role of a con artist in this film directed by Nalan Kumarasamy. The film was a black comedy which revolves around many characters. Ramesh Tilak, Ashok Selvan, Bobby Simha and Karunakaran also played important roles in the movie. However, VJS stood out with the convincing portrayal of his character.

5. Sethupathi

Sethupathi is the first movie for Vijay Sethupathi which showcased him in a very mass role. This was the first action movie for the actor and he pulled it off with ease. The film was met with very good reviews and went to become a sleeper hit. This happened to be a very important film for the actor as it established him as a mainstream hero.

4. Vikram Vedha

The movie 'Vikram Vedha' directed by Pushkar and Gayathri was one of the biggest hit this year. VJS played the role of a don and he had made a tremendous makeover for the film. Madhavan played a subtle yet important role in this film as a police officer and his portions with the VJS were the highlights in the film.

3 Kaadhalum Kadandhu Pogum

One of the best romantic comedies made in the recent times. The film directed by Nalan Kumarasamy had Makkal Selvan in the role of a good-hearted local goon who develops a friendly relationship with his neighbor girl. Madonna Sebastian played the female lead in the film. The film is notable for the realistic performances and strong characterization of almost all the actors.

2. Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom

This black comedy directed by Balaji Tharaneetharan is one of the important film in the career of Vijay Sethupathi. He played the role of a short term memory loss patient and he made it look absolutely convincing for the audience. This movie also earned him a very good name for him as an actor in Tamil Cinema.

1. Pizza

Probably the movie which proved as a turning point for him and gained a wide spread recognition among fans. This low budget horror thriller directed by Karthik Subbaraj was appreciated for the intelligent screenplay and the stellar performance of Vijay Sethupathi. He completely owned almost half of the movie with his intriguing expressions and body language.