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What is to be expected of Vijay’s ‘Bhairava’ – Box Office Prediction

27 Mar 2017

Actor Vijay’s previous film ‘Theri’ was a profitable venture at Boxoffice and also was celebrated much by his fans. Vijay fans simply loved him on the role of a ruthless police officer and the role of a dear father to a 10 year old girl was also equally praised. The film was bang on target which satisfied both the hardcore Vijay fans and also the family audience. With Vijay’s next movie ‘Bhairava’ releasing in about a couple of days, the expectations have skyrocketed after the release of the trailer and the songs. Keerthi Suresh plays the female lead in the movie while Santhosh Narayanan composes the music for this movie. The filmography of the Director: capture The director of the movie Bharathan was associated with some successful movies like ‘Dhil’, ‘Dhool’ ‘Ghilli’ and ‘Veeram’, but as writer and not as a director. Bharathan has directed two films in his career which include one of Vijay’s films ‘Azhagiya Thamizh Magan’ and the other one ‘Athithi’ starring Nandha. Although the story was good in both these films, they didn’t make much of an impact at the box office due to the lackluster screenplay. Also, the other thing to notice is that the comedy element in these two movies is below par. This could be a serious liability to ‘Bhairava’ unless the directed has given special attention to the comedy portion which is very essential for the movie to click with the family audience. The Pre-Release Expectation on the movie: Although the Teaser and Trailer didn’t give much away in terms of the story or the plot, it also doesn’t give one hope to expect something out of the world. Anyone could easily guess that the movie will be a commercial entertainer with mass elements. But unless it is backed by a good story line and impressive plot, the movie might be at a risk of negative word of mouth which will subsequently hamper the patronage.  Also, the movie is rumored to possess a strong social message as well and if the entertainment factor overplays the social theme of the movie, chances are that it might not work well with the audience. The Lead Pair: collag_thumb__102116021804 The most happening actress Keerthi Suresh is playing the love interest of Vijay in ‘Bhairava’ and looking at the Bhairava trailer that released on 1st Jan 2017, it seems the pair has got a very good on-screen chemistry and it is expected to work well with the audience. It will also be interesting to see if Keerthi Suresh has a pivotal role in the movie. Santhosh Narayanan’s music: The music by Santhosh Narayanan is another factor to look out for in the movie as the songs were already a rage among the audience. Also, the BGM by the music director will be a treat and is sure to add flavor to the movie.  The song ‘Varlaam Vaa’ and ‘Nammaluda’ will definitely appeal to the mass audience and it is exciting to see how these songs were pictured in the movie. Vijay’s Avatar in Bhairava: capture Although there isn’t much changeover Vijay has made for ‘Bhairava’, the one thing that caught every ones attention was his unique hairstyle. It was evident that this change was brought in to give a refreshing look to the Actor. And how well the audience accepts this change is something that we have to wait and watch. Overall, Vijay’s latest movie ‘Bhairava’ has all the elements to make it big given the kind of expectation surrounding the movie. However, it is extremely important that the movie carries a sound social message apart from the usual entertainment factor in the right proportion. Let’s wait for a couple more days to find it out. Subscribe to our website by email or like us on out FB page for more articles.


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