The Ashram Matriculation School run by Latha Rajinikanth sealed and shutdown - 300 students stranded


Actor Rajinikanth has made it to the headlines once again, but for a wrong reason this time. Rajinikanth's wife Latha Rajinikanth is running a school in Chennai. The Ashram Matriculation school which is aided by Rajinikanth's Raghavendra foundation has been sealed and shutdown by the owner today. The students were shocked to see that their school has been locked down today morning. The school which is located in Guindy was locked down due to non-payment of rent. Almost 300 students are studying in this school and they were left stranded because of this.

A case was filedĀ almost 14 months ago by Venkateshvaralu, the owner of the building in which the Ashram Matriculation school operates. He demanded a sum of 10 crores to be paid as rent which was outstanding for a long time. However, the management paid only 2 crores and didn't make any further payments. Venkateshvaralu on Tuesday night decided to lock the gates of the school by himself. The 300 students were transferred to an other institution of the Raghavendra foundation in Velachery.

The statement from Latha Rajinikanth which was recently released read that they will soon issue an official clarification on the issue and requested the public not to believe on the false allegations. This incident has come as quite a shock for the public and the parents of the students studying in the Ashram Matriculation school.

Source - India Today