Bharani might re-enter the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show - Kamal hints Wild card entry


At the end of the show, Kamal Hassan sent away some gifts to the Housemates marking the 50th day celebration. A short video clip of all the important events was also played for the housemates. At the fag end of the show, he hinted that there is a wild card re-entry happening next week. There might also be a new contestant sent along with the wild card contestant. Kamal Hassan also hinted that the re-entry contestant would bring joy to the audience and mixed feelings to the housemates. Judging by this, Bharani might possibly enter the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show once again.

Oviya made it clear that she wont be back to the house once again in a discussion with Kamal Hassan. So, with her entry being ruled out, only Bharani's is the next favorite contestant. Bharani's re-entry to the house would for sure excite the audience. At the same time, his wild card entry would also emote mixed reaction from the housemates. The housemates may have a very tough time facing him, especially Gayathri Raghuram and Snehan. Also, there might also be a completely new contestant entering the house next week.

So, with these new entries into the house, the show is expected to take pace and a lot more drama is guaranteed to happen after next week. With Shakthi already out, Gayathri Raghuram might feel a bit less influential on the house. Raiza already seem to be very confident of her ways and this might be even more troublesome for Gayathri. Things bit Raiza and Gayathri is expected to get even more messy as Raiza might try to take advantage of her lack of support.

Let us wait till next week to know about the new entries to the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show and also find out who is the wild card entry contestant.