Bigg Boss - Day 15 - Oviya, Harathi, Juliana and Vaiyapuri nominated for elimination


The Day 15 of Bigg Boss was telecasted in Star Vijay today and the nomination of the house mates for elimination was processed. The house mates were privately asked for their votes to nominate for elimination from Bigg Boss. Majority of the housemates nominated Oviya, Harathi and Juliana for their alleged behaviour and non cooperation with the others. Based on the votes from them, the nominations were announced on the show. Oviya, Harathi, Juliana and Vaiyapuri got the maximum votes and are on the list for elimination.

The other important highlights of the Day 15 of the Bigg Boss show are as below.

Bharani eliminated from Bigg Boss

Bharani who was on the elimination list last week, managed to get majority of votes and stayed in Bigg Boss along with Oviya, while Ganja Karuppu made out of the show. But he was accused of violating the rules by trying to escape the house and was later eliminated.

Vaiyapuri breaks down once again

Vaiyapuri started sobbing on the show once again and was disappointed about missing his family. He pleaded the rest of the people to nominate him for the elimination, so that he could walk out of the house soon.

Juliana tries out her skills on hosting a talk show

Juliana was seen interviewing Gayathri Raghuram and Namitha in an attempt to practice hosting a show. She gave a brief introduction of both the actresses although she couldn't get it right on the first attempt.

Harathi campaigns for vote from public

As soon as the nominations were announced Harathi made a brief talk in front of the camera asking public to vote for her. She described the other house mates as Mother in law and herself as the innocent daughter in law who is suffering due to their arrogance.

Ganesh Venkatraman is the new leader

Harathi, Shakthi and Shakthi contended for the position of leader and took up the task of holding onto a heavy weight. Harathi gave up pretty soon, while Shakthi managed to hold for a while but gave up later. Thus Ganesh Venkatraman was selected as the new leader of the house.

The voting for elimination is underway and the audience were requested to vote for their favourite house who should stay on the show. The elimination will happen in the following weekend.