Bigg Boss is no different than IPL, Kamal Hassan on Bigg Boss controversy


The Hindu Makkal Katchi had recently filed a complaint at the Commissioner office in Chennai demanding the Bigg Boss show to be banned and the arrest of all those involved. The reality show Bigg Boss which is currently being telecasted in Star Vijay channel has been a topic of discussion in all social forums. The show is being criticized for the negative impact it has on society. Things got more intense as the complaint was filed and Kamal Hassan responded to the Bigg Boss Controversy in a meeting with the press at his residence.

Excerpts from Kamal Hassan meeting with journalists.

I strongly believe in the law

The actor told that he has strong faith in law and is ready to face any legal issues that come on his way. He said that the law did its job in the Bhavana molestation case. Kamal Hassan added that he do not owe any explanation to those who have made false accusations on him and will face it legally.

Bigg Boss is no different than cricket

The actor when answering to questions about the impact of the show on the society, he said that the reality show is no way different from IPL cricket matches where a lot of glamour elements like cheer girls were added to attract the viewers. If cricket matches are allowed, even Bigg Boss should be.

Denied allegations of him being a communist

The actor said that he is in no way a communist but always has been a rationalist. Kamal Hassan said that he was praised when he made Dasavatharam and was criticized for Vishwaroopam. He added that Tamil Nadu is the only state which interprets rationalism as anti-religion and Shaivism as religion.

Tamil Thai Vazhthu controversy

He also said that the Tamil Thai Vazhthu which was taught to the contestants by Snehan was a genuine attempt. Any mistakes in the pronunciation by the contestants cannot be seen as a degradation to Thamizh Thai Vaazhthu.

Can't take responsibility for Gayathri Raghuram's words

An other issue which was surrounding the show was that the remarks of Slum behaviour by Gayathri Raghuram. Kamal Hassan said that he did not script those words or any part of the show and therefore can take any responsibility for it.

Controversy is something not new for actor Kamal Hassan. Just as how his association with the Bigg Boss show has drawn more eyeballs, it has also drawn controversies equally. However, the actor has cleared his stand about on all the Bigg Boss controversy in this meeting with the journalists.


Source - Dinamalar


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