Bigg Boss Tamil - Aarthi evicted from Bigg Boss before high drama


The Bigg Boss Tamil Day 21 and Episode 22 was telecasted today on Star Vijay. Kamal Hassan interacted with the housemates as usual and also announced the eviction of the week. He declared Vaiyapuri safe from eviction in the very beginning and kept on hold the verdict between Juliana and Aarthi. The host took the tension high asking both of them get prepared to leave the house. After much suspense Aarthi was evicted from the show after receiving very less votes. Kamal Hassan also had a talk with Bharani who was earlier disqualified from the show.

Highlights of Episode 22 Bigg Boss Tamil

High drama before eviction

The show started off with the eviction of Aarthi before an high emotional. Kamal Hassan who is hosting the show, announced that Vaiyapuri is safe from eviction. He then asked both Juliana and Aarthi to pack the bags and come to the living area. He asked both of them to say good bye to the housemates. They both very preparing to leave the house and was almost in tears when the host announced the real eviction. Aarthi was declared as the eviction candidate and Juliana was announced safe.

Juliana intimate with Snehan

Juliana hugged Snehan tight in a emotional manner many times as she was preparing to leave the house. They both seemed to have shared an emotional bond which was not quite obvious on the show so far. Juliana approached Snehan and hugged him tight for a very long time before bidding adieu to others. They both were seen very intimate on the show for the first time.

Kamal Hassan interacts with Bharani

Kamal Hassan later called Bharani to the show and asked him to share his experience. Bharani made some revelations of how the house mates targeted him. He said that Gayathri Raghuram and Snehan used some nasty words on him which made him hurt very deeply. He wished Oviya would eventually win the Bigg Boss because of her cool attitude.

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