Bigg Boss Tamil - High drama of Gayathri Raghuram exposed, Oviya Safe from eviction


The Bigg Boss Episode 21 and Day 20 was telecasted today on Star Vijay. Kamal Hassan touched base with the house mates and interacted with them. The show as usual started with light hearted moments and travelled towards more serious topics. The rivalry between Gayathri Raghuram and Oviya was discussed and things were not quite favourable for Gayathri. Although Snehan and Shakthi was backing her, many accusations were made on Gayathri Raghuram in a very frank talk with the house mates. Gayathri looked kind of worried realising her real situation in the house. Oviya ended up safe from eviction and she got the maximum public votes on her favour.

Highlights of Bigg Boss - Episode 21, Day 20.

Kamal Hassan asserted the housemates with some random questions:

After the initial fun talk with the contestants, Kamal Hassan took the discussion to more serious matters by asking some sensitive questions and demanding an honest answer. Questions were intended to bring out the true state of affairs between the house mates. Oviya being isolated, Gayathri being dominating were all out in the open after Kamal was done with his questions.

Aarav reveals his stand with Oviya

Aarav was asked if he had bad-mouthed about his friend on the house. Aarav admitted that he has made some talk about Oviya being non cooperative. He added that he stopped his concerns towards Oviya because of her stubborn nature.

Decision about leader candidates questioned.

There was a general unhappiness among the house mates about the way the decision of leader candidates was made. Although many maintained that it was a unanimous decision, Oviya, Aarthi and Namitha denied it. The general lack of communication among the contestants was exposed with this.

Oviya gets the maximum votes

Out of the four nominations, only one of the safe contestant was announced by Kamal Hassan. Oviya got the maximum votes and stays on the Bigg Boss show. The other two safe contestants will be announced tomorrow.


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