Bigg Boss Tamil - Week 6 - Nominations announced. Ganesh Venkatraman targeted.


The week 6 nomination were announced today in Bigg Boss Tamil. Except Raiza all the other housemates were nominated by Bigg Boss. The housemates were asked to nominate two people for eviction next week. Most of the housemates nominated Vaiyapuri and Ganesh except Raiza.

Raiza nominated Shakthi and Gayathri Raghuram and gave a valid reason for choosing them while the others gave vague reasons for their nominations. Also she was announced as the leader for the week as all other housemates are on nomination list. Raiza being announced as the leader for the week was not well received by Shakthi and Gayathri Raghuram.

Other highlights of Day 43, Episode 44

Vaiyapuri nominates himself

Vaiyapuri nominated himself for the eviction this week while his other choice was Ganesh Venkatraman. He later emotionally requested the audience not to vote for him this week as he badly miss his family.

Gayathri Raghuram Angry over Kamal Hassan

Gayathri was apparently very disappointed by the comments given by Kamal Hassan yesterday. She said that only her parents has the right to correct her actions. After much intervention from the housemates, she was convinced about the whole incident.

Raiza takes charge of the house

Upon nominating as the leader, Raiza made some serious effort to ensure equality on the house. She was very disappointed about the whole issue involving Oviya and Bharani. She told the house mates that such instances shouldn't repeat on the house.

Ganesh Venkatraman possibly the next target in the house

During the nomination process majority of the housemates nominated Ganesh Venkatraman giving some very silly reasons. Vaiyapuri was the other unanimous choice of the housemates. But Vaiyapuri himself wanted to leave the show. So it looks like Ganesh Venkatraman might possibly targeted by the housemates in the days to come.

With the almost all the housemates on the nomination list, the show has took an unexpected turn. The general choice of the audience would be Gayathri Raghuram, but we will have to wait till next week to know it for sure.