Bindu Madhavi joins the Housemates - Oviya acts insensible with Raiza


The Bigg Boss Day 35 started with Kamal Hassan revealing that there is no eviction this week. As per the instruction, the housemates nominated Aarav and he was announced safe. Later Oviya, Raiza, and Juliana were announced safe by Kamal Hassan. Kamal Hassan then gave a task of enacting the fellow housemates. As a surprise element a new contestant was injected into the house in the form of Bindu Madhavi. Bindu Madhavi has acted in quite a few film in Tamil and she will join the house mates for the rest of the season.

Highlights of Bigg Boss, Day 35

Oviya makes a blunder on the show:

Oviya acted very insensible when she revealed a personal information about Raiza. She was answering question from Kamal Hassan pretending to be Raiza as per a task. When she was talking on her behalf, Oviya revealed a personal information of Raiza on the show. Raiza was very disappointed with that and swore that she wouldn't talk to Oviya anymore. The fellow housemates agreed to Raiza about Oviya's insensible behaviour.

Bindu Madhavi joins the housemates:

Bindu Madhavi has been injected into the house and will be on the show for the rest of the season. She was introduced after a short dance performance and a brief conversation with Kamal Hassan. She admitted that this show will help her get close with the audience after her two years break in movies.

Raiza earns the support of audience:

Shortly after Raiza was announced safe by Kamal Hassan, the crowd reacted with a roar. Looks like Raiza has made a impact with the audience with her unique attitude. Gayathri Raghuram in a conversation with Raiza told that Oviya is envied on Raiza because of this. She added that Oviya might turn more aggressive if her fame is stole by Raiza in the future.

There is a general complaint from the housemates that Oviya is very insensitive about others concerns. The incident with Raiza made it more strong. Even the previous incident with Juliana didn't go quite well for Oviya. One might get the feeling that Oviya is not herself this last week. If things continue like this for Oviya, she might lose the favour of the audience soon.