Daniel Radcliffe to star in the jail break movie 'Escape from Pretoria'

The Harry Porter star Daniel Radcliffe is set to do the lead role in the movie 'Escape from Pretoria' which is based on a real incident. The movie is based on Tim Jenkin's escape from Pretoria Maximum Security Prison along with his friend Lee. Jenkin and Lee, Anti-Apartheid activists in South Africa, were sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment in Pretoria.

Jenkin managed to break out of the prison with the help of a device made of broomstick handle and a piece of mirror to open a series of doors inside the prison. Jenkin also helped his friend and neighbour Lee to slip out of the tightly guarded Pretoria prison. Sam Neill is also playing the role Denis Goldberg, a South African social campaigner who was instrumental in the fight against Apartheid.