David Beckham makes his acting debut in a Guy Ritchie film

There had always been rumours about Football star David Beckham making a switch to the acting career ever since his retirement from the sport. Beckham had put an end to this rumours by making it true. The football icon is currently acting in the film 'King Arthur - Legend of the sword' directed by Guy Ritchie who is known for movies like 'Lock stock two smoking barrels', 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'The Man from UNCLE'. While the title role is played by Charlier Hunnam and Jude law playing an important role, Beckham would be seen playing the role of Blackleg Leader.

The movie team has recently released a short video footage from the movie featuring Beckham and it is already going viral. Beckham who is usually neatly groomed is seen in this movie with a scarred face and a prosthetic nose. It must also be noted that David Beckham had already made a guest appearance in a few documentaries and Guy Ritchie's earlier movie 'The Man from UNCLE'. Watch the video footage below!!!!