Ganja Karuppu eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil - Day 14 highlights


The 15th episode of Star Vijay Bigg Boss Tamil started with the elimination. Based on the votes from the public, one of the three contestants was eliminated. Bharani was the uniform choice of all the contestants in the house for elimination. But it was Ganja Karuppu who received the least votes of all and had to step out from the house. The house mates gave a very emotional farewell to Ganja Karuppu and the comedian took a group selfie with all before leaving the Bigg Boss house.

Ganja Karuppu then made it to the studio and had a detailed conversation with Kamal Hassan regards to his experience in the house. He shared his opinion about all the house mates in the conversation. When asked who was the most irritating person in the house, Ganja Karuppu named Bharani. He expressed his wish for the elimination of Bharani from the Bigg Boss show. He also named Ganesh as the most friendliest and humble person on the show.

Later the host Kamal Hassan showed him a pile of gifts and asked him to tag them to the effigy of the participants. A brief video of Ganja Karuppu's journey on Big Boss was also played before the actor parted his way from Bigg Boss