I should have stood aside Oviya - Snehan opens up with Kamal Hassan


The Bigg Boss Tamil reality show started today with Kamal Hassan calling Snehan to the confession room. Like yesterday he Kamal Hassan assured Snehan that the discussion would stay confidential. Snehan expressed his disappointment about the exit of Oviya.

He told that Oviya was his favourite contestant on the show. He also added that her honesty inspired him the most. When Kamal Hassan asked what is the reason Oviya was isolated in the house, Snehan admitted that it was partially his mistake too. He confessed that he was a mute spectator to all the things that happened to Oviya.

Snehan also confessed that the ladies on the house, especially Julie and Gayathri Raghuram, acted against Oviya. Also he added, they together conspired many strategies to isolate Oviya on the house. Snehan told Kamal Hassan that he should have stood aside Oviya when things were against her. Kamal Hassan appreciated Snehan for his open talk and told that his kindness is his biggest strength.