Imsai Arasan Part 2 set in the period of Pulikesi's grandfather - Vaidivelu & Chimbudevan


'Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi' which was released back in 2006 became a huge success. The fantasy comedy film directed by Chimbudevan marked the debut of Vadivelu as hero. The film was produced by director Shankar on behalf of his S Pictures. The Imsai Arasan Part 2 was long pending and recently the works have started in a brisk pace. The film is eagerly anticipated by fans due to the re-union of the Pulikesi team after 11 years.

Massive set raised for Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi-2

According to reports published in Dinamalar, a massive set has been raised around EVP near Poovirundhavalli. Incidentally, the sets for Bigg Boss and Rajinikanth's 2.o has also been raised here. Most part of the movie is expected to be shot here.  A huge set of Pulikesi's castle has also been set up along with few other iconic sets for the movie.

Story set 50 years ahead of first part

The story for the Part 2 of 23am Pulikesi is to be set 50 years ahead of the first part. The movie will take us to the period of Pulikesi's grand father whose story will be the central theme. Pulikesi will play the lead role once again and other details of the cast are expected to be revealed soon.

Come back movie for Chimbudevan & Vadivelu:6

The movie will be very important in the career of Chimbudevan and Vadivelu as they both are aiming a comeback. After Imsai Arasan's success in 2006, both Vadivelu and Chimbudevan movies didn't do quite well at the box office. Chimbudevan's last movie Puli bombed at Box Office and the director has kept a low profile since then. Similarly Vadivelu also acted in many movies as hero but none of them could recreate the magic of Imsai Arasan. With them both teaming up once again for the sequel, the actor and the director are eyeing a comeback with Pulikesi 2.

Lets hope the duo recreate the magic of Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi back on the screen with the sequel.