James Cameron to make a reality check on the 20th year anniversary of Titanic


James Cameron is planning for a documentary that will ascertain the historical accuracy of his movie 'Titanic' which is celebrating its 20th year anniversary. The director confirmed it on a video at the Television Critics Association summer tour. James Cameron will be revisiting the movie Titanic which stands at number 2 on all time highest grosser. The movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet is still fresh at the memory of people because of the realistic depiction. National Geography and James Cameroon join hands together for this one hour documentary which is set to air on TV around December this year.

Titanic was the highest grosser in world wide box-office until Avatar dethroned it

Titanic was the highest grosser at US Box Office for a long time until, Cameron's own Avatar dethroned it. The Canadian born director made a lot of research to account every detail of the tragic incident in his movie. “I was creating a living history; I had to get it right out of respect for the many who died and for their legacy. But did I really get it right? Now, with National Geographic and with the latest research, science and technology, I’m going to reassess.” said James Cameron.

The documentary would use the latest technology and other researches to ascertain the authenticity of the details revealed in the movie. James Cameron is all set to visit the exhibit of Titanic at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library along with a team of experts. The documentary will also explore the directors personal journey and all his important choices that he had to make while filming.

This Nat Geo documentary will serve as a reality check to update ourselves with all the latest discoveries made related to the harrowing incident that happened in 14th April 1912. Better understanding of what exactly happened and what was shown on the movie will be achieved in this one of a kind attempt. Pretty sure this effort of James Cameron and Nat Geo will definitely be welcomed by all the fans of the movie and also history buffs.

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