Juliana evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil - Juliana bows down to audience as an apology


After Kamal Hassan interacted with all the housemates privately, he then announced the eviction for this week. He first asked all the housemates about their opinion on the eviction. Most of them told that Vaiyapuri would be evicted as he badly need to go home. But much to the surprise of them Kamal Hassan revealed the card written Juliana. Julie was very disappointed upon this and was very emotional on leaving the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show.


She gave a very emotional farewell to all the housemates before leaving the house. Raiza consoled her by saying that she will have a lot of opportunities coming her way and asked her to stay strong. Every one on the house started to convey their wishes to Juliana for a bright future. She also had an emotional conversation with Snehan in private before leaving. The housemates sent her off the house and Juliana finally stepped out of the house.

Later Julie joined Kamal Hassan for a discussion and asked her experience on Bigg Boss. He then played a short film for Juliana which showed the housemates gossiping about her in her absence. The video clip revealed all the housemates bad mouthing about Julie and she was devastated. After further discussion Kamal Hassan told to audience that he is letting his sister out and requested the audience not to express any hatred. Julie knelt down in front of the audience as a way to express her apology.