'Jungle Book' director Jon Favreau is all set to remake another 90's hit Disney movie

Famous Actor and Film maker Jon Favreau who directed the blockbuster 'Jungle Book' last year has been roped in by Disney for the live-action remake of its hit animation movie 'The Lion King'.  Jon Favreau who is also the director of movies like 'Ironman 1' and 'Ironman 2' has also acted in few movies and made a guest appearance in the TV series 'Friends' as Monica Geller boyfriend in Season 3. It was announced that Donald Glover will voice for Simba and James Earl Jones will voice for Mufasa. As per a latest update, popular singer Beyonce has been roped in to voice for Nala. It must be noted that Disney has tasted success with the live action remakes of movies like 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Cinderella' and the recently released 'Beauty and the Beast'. Pretty sure this effort of Disney is sure to bring some nostalgic memories for the 90's kids.