Kaajal Pasupathi is the new contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil after Suja Varunee and Harish Kalyan


The Bigg Boss reality show is currently witnessing a slump after the exit of Oviya. The last two weeks of the show didn't get a good TRP among audience. The makers of the show are trying all that they can to resurrect the show. We saw two new contestants injected on the house in the form of Suja Varunee and Harish Kalyan. Now as per reports, yet another contestant is about to make an entry into the show today. Kaajal Pasupathi is said to be the new contestant of the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show.

Three Contestants in Three Days

Kamal Hassan on Sunday hinted that there might be few new entry into the house. While many were expecting Oviya or Bharani to renter the house, the Bigg Boss has introduced two brand new contestants in the last two days. Suja Varunee made an entry into the house on Wednesday and the following day we say Harish Kalyan joining the housemates. The Channel is trying their best to gain popularity among audience once again, and is actively devising strategies. Now they have injected one more contestant into the house in the form of Kaajal Pasupathi.

Housemates irritated with new contestants

The existing housemates who have been there on the show for more than 50 days are getting annoyed with these new participants. While they worked hard to stay on the show for so long, the new entrants will start competing from mid-way. Snehan already was very disappointed about the line up of new contestants and was commenting that it is not fair.

These new entries who already observed the show for so long would have devised their own strategies to survive in the game. But the existing contestants doesn't have any clue and are still in a state of confusion. The new contestants are sure to heat up things inside the house. Probably, the channel and show makers are counting on this to claim their lost TRP.