Kamal Hassan corners Aarav - Makes him confess to housemates about kissing oviya


Kamal Hassan asked Aarav to come to the confession room for a private discussion. He enquired him about his mind set following Oviya's exit from the house. Kamal Hassan also asked if he feels guilty about the whole episode. Aarav accepted that he feel responsible for what happened. Kamal Hassan also cornered Aarav to make him confess about the intimate moment between Oviya and Aarav. Aarav maintained that he never kissed Oviya or made any intimate gesture with her.

However, Kamal Hassan insisted him to confess that he did kiss Oviya. After much prosecution, Aarav confessed that he once returned the kiss that Oviya gave him earlier. But he told that he only intended it as a treatment for her obsession with him but not with any other intention. Kamal Hassan laughed at how he described the kiss to Oviya. He later insisted him to confess the incident to other housemates and said he will be watching. Aarav did confess the whole incident to the housemates and it came as quite a shock for everyone.