Kamal Hassan plays devils advocate for Oviya - Juliana exposed, Oviya safe once again


The Bigg Boss Tamil reality show is getting more intense every passing week. The show is currently onto the week 4th week and we have already seen high drama on the show. Oviya has become a huge rage among the audience and the #SaveOviya hashtag is a testimony for it. Oviya had already won the unanimous support of the people with her unique attitude and approach towards others. However she is in terrible conflict with the house mates. Kamal Hassan directed the question towards each of the housemates in an attempt to bring out the true state affairs inside the house. Juliana exposed of her manipulative actions over the past week. The highlights of the show are as below.

Highlights of Bigg Boss Day 26, Episode 27

Manipulative behaviour of Juliana exposed:

Kamal Hassan first asked the house mates about their opinion about the allegations of Juliana against Oviya regarding the injury episode. Most of the housemates maintained that Oviya might have bad mouthed about Gayathri and others to Juliana. However, the host played the video clip exposing the manipulation of Juliana which completely shocked house mates. However Juliana kept repeating that a particular dialogue was missing on the clip for which Kamal Hassan replied it must be a hallucination.

Oviya swears not to use the 'F' word:

There was a general complaint that Oviya keeps abusing others with some dishonourable words, especially the 'F' word. Kamal Hassan too insisted that she must be little mindful of her words. Oviya promised that she would not use those words again. Apart from these all the allegations against her by the house mates were put down by the host. He also made it clear that Oviya is not the only person to use unparliamentary words.

Shakthi gesture against Oviya was condemned:

Kamal Hassan also discussed the issue of Shakthi's gesture on Oviya during an argument. Shakthi claimed that he was just warning her and had no intention to raise his hand to slap her. However, Kamal Hassan made it clear that things are pretty much obvious on camera and the audience know the truth. Shakthi still maintained that Oviya trigger others towards these kind of behaviour. The host concluded that the audience knows better.

Oviya Safe once again:

The host announced Oviya to be safe from eviction once again. As usual she got the maximum votes which secured her place in the house. Ganesh and Namitha are still in the danger zone and the elimination will be announced tomorrow. Oviya was overwhelmed with the support of audience and promised to be more responsible moving forward.

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