Oviya and Juliana get maximum votes - Housemates try to influence Bindu Madhavi against Oviya


Inspite of a new contestant added in the form of Bindu Madhavi, the show still revolves around Oviya. The housemates still discuss a lot about Oviya. Also, Gayathri and Juliana are still holding a lot of hatred towards her. After yesterday's incident, Raiza is also very unhappy with her behaviour. Ganesh Venkatraman and Aarav were seen discussing about the repeated nomination of Oviya. They were wondering what aspect of her is being appreciated by the audience. Also, after the private votes the week 6 nomination were announced by Bigg Boss.

Highlights of Day 36 Bigg Boss Tamil

Oviya still being isolated by the housemates:

Inspite of the repeated attempt of Kamal Hassan to make the contestants live in harmony, the differences between them still exist. Oviya is still not having a proper rapport with the women contestants in the house. She is always seen hanging around Aarav and other male contestants. Although she is not seen very much disappointed because of these issues, there seems to be a slight change in behaviour from Oviya. One might wonder if this differences of opinion with the housemates is having a impact on her behaviour.

Oviya, Juliana and Vaiyapuri nominated for eviction:

As per the votes given by the housemates, Oviya, Juliana and Vaiyapuri were announced as week 6 nomination for eviction. Oviya got the maximum votes from almost all the housemates except Bindu and Vaiyapuri. Even Aarav nominated Oviya for eviction along with Juliana. Gayathri and Shakthi made it clear that Oviya would always be their primary choice for eviction. Vaiyapuri was already nominated for eviction by Bigg Boss. Juliana still didn't earn the trust of housemates inspite of her attempt to change.

Housemates try to influence Bindu Madhavi against Oviya:

The women contestants in the house were seen talking to Bindu Madhavi about Oviya in a negative manner. Raiza was the first to start expressing her opinion about her and narrated the incident that happened yesterday. Juliana and Gayathri indirectly started to influence Bindu Madhavi against Oviya. However during the nomination process, Bindu Madhavi nominated Gayathri Raghuram and Juliana for eviction based on her observation of the show so far.