Oviya exit Bigg Boss Tamil - Eviction still on, announced Kamal Hassan


After much drama Oviya decide to exit Bigg Boss Tamil reality show. Her eviction was formally announced by the Bigg Boss. Oviya who was the major highlight of the show was in a lot of stress lately. After consulting a psychiatrist for three times she was asked to leave the house citing health issues. Oviya showed no signs of any emotions and walked straight out without much farewell. The housemates, especially Raiza and Snehan felt remorseful after her exit.

Important highlight of Day 41:

No looking back:

After the announcement of her exit, Oviya started to pack her bags and didn't allow anyone else to assist her. She also didn't give much of an adieu to the housemates before leaving. She also walked straight out of the house with out looking back which came as quite a shock for the housemates.

Raiza and Snehan feel remorseful:

After Oviya's exit, Raiza and Snehan was very emotional and was feeling remorseful. Raiza was extremely disappointed about the way things went. She was expressing her remorse with the other contestants in the house. Raiza also told that they could have behaved better with both Oviya and Bharani. Snehan also expressed his feelings about the whole turn of events.

Oviya interacted with Kamal Hassan:

Kamal Hassan welcomed Oviya back from the house and the crowd made a huge roar upon her appearance on the stage. Oviya said that she feels a much better person after the stay on the house. She also promised the fans that she would be more responsible. When Kamal Hassan asked what she wanted to say to the housemates, She just told, 'I Love You, Aarav'. The crowd gave a very mixed response to her but Oviya requested them to respect her decision.

Kamal Hassan intervenes with the housemates:

After the interaction with Oviya, Kamal Hassan requested the Bigg Boss to step aside while he have a private conversation with housemates. He first called Bindhu Madhavi to the confession room and asked her opinion about her stay on the house so far. He later invited Ganesh Venkatraman and criticised him for being a mute spectator on the house. Then he called upon Raiza and asked her about her opinion on the turn of events. She admitted that Oviya and Bharani were isolated by others on the house. She also told that Shakthi and Gayathri Raghuram are very dominant on the house.

With that the show came to an end. Kamal Hassan ended the show with announcing that the eviction is still on and the crowd reacted with a loud cheer. The general opinion is that Juliana will be evicted this week. Lets keep our fingers crossed till tomorrow.