Oviya nominated for the eviction list once again - Bigg Boss Tamil, Day 22


The eviction candidates for the week was nominated today on the Day 22 of Bigg Boss Tamil. Oviya still doesn't seem to get the favour of the house mates. She has been nominated for the eviction list once again. The other two who have been nominated for the eviction list are Ganesh Venkatraman and Namitha. Inspite of the general public showering their support for Oviya by saving her in the last two evictions, she is yet to gather support from the fellow contestants. Last week she got the maximum public votes in her favour and was saved from eviction. Will she manage to get the same support from the audience is a question for now.

Who will get evicted this week:

As already said it was pretty obvious from the last two weeks that the audience love Oviya and want her to be in the show. Aarthi who was considered to be the people favourite was also evicted last week. As the show progresses, Oviya seem to have her way with the audience with her unique attitude and honest approach. Bigg Boss Tamil audience might save her this time as well.

On the other hand Ganesh Venkatraman might win the audience votes as his presence has always been vital for the show. He is one of the very steady contestant in the show with a consistent behaviour. It wont be a surprise if he gets a considerable votes in his favour. Namitha could be in trouble this week as she don't have a crucial role in the show so far. She has been pretty discreet so far and that might actually work against her when it comes to votes.

Role play assigned to House mates:

As part of a task, the house mates were assigned an imaginary role by Bigg Boss. They were instructed to play their parts for the next 3 days. Vaiyapuri is given the role of a father, while Ganesh Venkatraman, Shakthi and Aarav were assigned the role of his sons. Namitha and Gayathri Raghuram play the wife of Ganesh Venkatraman and Shakthi respectively. Snehan is given the role of the house servant and Juliana is given the role of younger sister. Oviya and Raiza has been assigned the role of house guests.

Apart from these, they all have been given a common task of protecting a diamond. The house mates form teams to protect the diamond from possible danger. Shakthi was given a mission of replacing the diamond with out the knowledge of others. He will be awarded a straight entry to week 6 after completion of this mission. Oviya enacted her role in a very playful manner and was seen trolling all the housemates. She was making some funny remarks on Snehan and Gayathri Raghuram.

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