Oviya tries to patch things with Gayathri - Raiza and Juliana team up


The Day 31 of Bigg Boss Tamil had some pretty intense twists and turn. Yesterday we saw Oviya making attempt to patch things up with the house mates. Aarav and Vaiyapuri already realised the true nature of the housemates and started to incline more towards Oviya. The promo which was telecasted yesterday showed Gayathri Raghuram and Oviya being called by the Bigg Boss to the confession room. And also we saw Gayathri hugging Oviya in an attempt to console her. So as expected, today's Bigg Boss show was filled with a lot of intense emotional moments.

Highlights of Day 31 Bigg Boss

Gayathri Raghuram and Oviya turn reporters:

As per a special task by Bigg Boss, Gayathri Raghuram and Oviya turned reporters and interviewed the housemates. They asked few sensitive questions to them which brought out a lot of honest opinions of the housemates.

Housemates disappointed with Raiza:

The housemates are quite disappointed with Raiza about her behaviour. She involved in a small argument with Snehan about the way he addressed her. Many including Aarav, Vaiyapuri and Shakthi are quite pissed off with her and started to team up against her.

Juliana ignored by Housemates:

The housemates started to ignore Juliana after the last week incident. Although things are not explicit, we can see them discussing about Juliana in a negative manner. Snehan who is quite close with Juliana is the one who is disappointed with her behaviour the most.

Oviya patches up with Gayathri Raghuram:

After interviewing all the housemates, Oviya asked Gayathri to ask few questions to her. When answering a question about the difference of opinion between them, Oviya broke down in tears. Gayathri was quick to console her and requested her not to be so opinionated. However later in a conversation with Juliana, Gayathri said that she still don't care about Oviya.

Although Oviya is trying her best to make thing normal in the house, the ladies housemates still hold a kind of grudge towards her. Lets wait to see if Oviya's attempt would be fruitful.

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