Raiza eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil - Wild Card contestant to enter house tomorrow


The elimination for this week of Bigg Boss Tamil was announced this week. Without much complications, Kamal Hassan asked Raiza to come to the confession room and there he announced her eviction. Raiza was very sportive in accepting her elimination and had a brief conversation with the host Kamal Hassan. The other room mates bid adieu to Raiza through the Agham TV. A short video of Raiza's journey was played and she got emotional after watching the video. She said that she learned the value of small things in life from her stay on Bigg Boss house. Later the host, Kamal Hassan invited the ex-contestants like Aarthi, Julie, Shakthi, Gayathri Raghuram and Bharani to the show. He also hinted that one of them would be sent back to the house as wild-card entry.

Kamal Hassan asked the ex-contestants to share the experience outside of the house. He also asked their willingness for a wild card re-entry into the house. Gayathri Raghuram straight away said that she is not interested to go back. Shakthi, Juliana and Aarthi expressed their wish to go inside once again. They said that if the public desires them to go back, they will happily re-enter the house. Bharani cited family reasons and said that he wont be back on Bigg Boss house immediately, but will be more than happy to join at some point later.

Kamal Hassan revealed the wild card entry would be announced tomorrow. The choice was left to the audience and the host asked the audience to wait for an other day to know the official wild card contestant. The show is expected to pick up pace after the injection of an ex-contestant into the show. The move was pretty expected, as the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show was losing TRP after the exit of contestants like Julie, Oviya, and Gayathri. It would be interesting to see who gets back to the house tomorrow.