Is Rajinikanth playing the role of Haji Mastan for his upcoming movie with Pa.Ranjith?

Rajinikanth who is currently working with Shankar for the magnum opus '2.0' will be doing a movie with Pa.Ranjith which is to be produced by Dhanush under his Wunderbar films banner. As per an unconfirmed report, the 161st movie of Rajinikanth is said to be based on a real life smuggler Mastan Haider Mirza popularly known as Haji Mastan. Haji Mastan was a native Tamil muslim who later settled in Mumbai where he raised to power as the first celebrity gangster sharing close contacts with politician and Bollywood stars. Haji Mastan was mostly seen in white clothes, sporting white shoes, smoking costly cigars and driving a Mercedes Benz which earned him a name of 'Style Icon' among local youths.

Haji Mastan also was a close friend of Varadharajan Mudaliyar whose life was made into the Tamil epic movie 'Nayagan' directed by Mani Rathnam and Kamal Hassan playing the lead role. It must be noted that Rajinikanth who is considered to be the Style icon of cinema is the apt choice to play the role of Haji Mastan who had a similar reputation in real life. If the rumours surrounding this movie are to be believed, we are in for a intense gangster movie based on real life characters. Lets wait for official confirmations.