The Royal Enfield connect in Baahubali - Mind blowing facts revealed by the makers

Those who have watched 'Baahubali' would definitely agree to the fact that the war scenes depicted in the movie are truly world class. Apart from the grand visuals and sheer authenticity of the battle, director Rajamouli had used some brand new war techniques in both the parts of the movie which caught the attention of many. One such thing was that of the Bhallala Deva's chariot which slaughter the enemy in mass proportions. The art director of the movie Sabu Cyril has recently revealed some exciting details of this deadly machinery.

In an interview to Manorama Online, Sabu Cyril revealed that the Chariot of Bhallala Deva was powered by a Royal Enfield engine. He also added that the chariot had a typical steering used in a car which was operated by a driver. The portion of the driver were later removed using CGI. He told that it was a very fun experience to conceptualise and design the deathly chariot which earned a very good attention from the audience. This is truly an amazing piece of inside detail that had emerged which tells the kind of efforts the entire team had put in to make the movie so realistic.