Snehan becomes leader yet again - Oviya breaks down in tears


The housemates are still not relieved from the happenings of last week. Gayathri Raghuram and Juliana are still not convinced with the way the video clip was edited. Gayathri is seen trying to convince other housemates for making an appeal to the Bigg Boss for an unedited clipping of conversation between Oviya and Julie. Also, the housemates nominate Aarav, Oviya, Julie for eviction and Raiza was already nominated. Although there would be no eviction this week, the housemates are sill not aware of it. The other important highlights of the day are below.

Highlights of Bigg Boss Tamil - Day 29

Snehan becomes the leader of the house once again:

Shakthi was relieved of his leader duties today by Bigg Boss and was asked to nominate two people for the leader position. Shakthi nominated Aarav and Snehan.  They both were given a task of filling a bucket with water using a sponge glove. Snehan won the contest and became the leader for the second time.

Oviya corners Juliana to accept the truth:

Oviya was seen cornering Juliana to let out the truth in front of the housemates. She was talking to Juliana about the issue happened over last week. She was insisting her to reveal the truth as every one in the house is badly impacted because of the issue. However Juliana refuses to speak with Oviya inspite of repeated attempts.

Oviya breaks down on conversation with Bigg Boss:

Bigg Boss asked Oviya to come to the confession room for a brief conversation. She was asked what was the worst thing happened so far on the house. She told the Juliana incident affected her badly. However she said that she will alright in a day or two. But she broke down in tears later and said that she isn't too strong to hide his feelings.

Vaiyapuri talks to his family via camera:

Vaiyapuri was curious to know the well being of his family and requested Bigg Boss to let him know about any updates. He later addressed to his wife directly and said that he will be a different person once he is home. He was seen very emotional while making this talk.

Aarav and Vaiyapuri realises the real nature of housemates:

Vaiyapuri and Aarav were seen having a conversation about all the happenings so far. They were very disappointed about how things are going on. They were making some positive comments about Oviya. Also they criticising the intentions of Gayathri Raghuram and others. Vaiyapuri expressed how irritated he is when Gayathri or Shakthi try to dominate the others.

The housemates are slowly realising the true nature of the things happening. Soon the house mates may take side between Oviya and Gayathri. Oviya is still being isolated by others. However she is as strong as usual and seems to be very much confident now.


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