Suja Varunee enters Bigg Boss Tamil - Is Raiza leaving the show soon?


Last week Kamal Hassan announced that a new contestant will enter the Bigg Boss house along with a wild card entry. The audience are expecting Bharani or Oviya to re-enter the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show. Meanwhile a new contestant has entered the house in the form of Suja Varunee. Suja Varunee is a South Indian actress who has worked mostly in Tamil movies. She has worked in more than 50 movie over the past 15 years. Recently she made a key role in the film KIDARI starring Sasi Kumar. Her entry into the house has raised a question among the audience. Is Raiza about to walk out of the show just like Oviya did?

Housemates not happy with the new contestants

The actress made her entry to the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show almost with 50 days remaining on the first season. Suja Varunee made a grand entry on to the house and the housemates were kind of shocked to see a new contestant on the house. On the very first day things got muddled up for her with the housemates as they started to comment about Suja in her absence. Her entry into the house is expected to dramatize things inside the house even more. The promo of tomorrows episode revealed few intense arguments involving Suja Varunee and other housemates.

Is Suja Varunee replacing Raiza?

On the other hand, Raiza is kind of losing her cool inside the house. She has isolated herself from other housemates and requested the Bigg Boss to let her out of the show. Suja's entry into the house has made the audience doubt if Raiza will soon be walking out of the show. Couple of weeks before Bindu Madhavi made her entry in the show and Oviya soon after left the show citing medical reasons. Raiza is already consulting a doctor now and is keen to leave the show. It will be no wonder if she walks out of Bigg Boss just like Oviya.