Trailers of the upcoming movies based on the late legends. Watch Now!!!

It was earlier reported in our site that the life of the late legend actor Heath Ledger is to be made into a documentary movie titled 'I am Heath Ledger'. The trailer of this movie which is a part of the critically acclaimed series 'I am' by Spike TV has been released and it shows some raw and unseen footage of Heath Ledger and clippings of many friends who share their memories of the actor. The movie also features popular industry people like Naomi Watts, Ben Mendelsohn, Ang Lee, Emile Hirsch and others who shares their experience working with the actor.

The other trailer of the movie to have released this week which is based on a late legend is 'All eyez on me'. The movie which is based on the popular american rapper, poet, activist and actor Tupac Shakur popularly known by his stage name '2Pac'. Tupac Shakur, whose songs are mostly based on violence and social issues is ranked as one of the most influential rap singer of all time. He was shot to death in a drive by shooting incident over an alleged gang war.

Check out the trailer of these two movies below!!!