Vijay Sethupathi's latest movie 'Kavan' roars loud at Box-Office!!!!

'Kavan' directed by KV Anand which released recently is doing some pretty solid business at the Box-Office this week end. The movie which deals with the corruption in media networks and channels has been received well by the audience and seen some good foot falls on the theatres this week. The film garnered some positive reviews from audience, especially for the bold take on media which has been conveyed effectively. Although from a critical perspective the movie is attracting some arguments on the increased use of cinematic portrayal rather than a satirical approach, the audience seems not to be bothered of such content and giving out some extremely positive words on social media.

For Vijay Sethupathi, 'Kavan' will be one of the biggest landmark as it has given him a very good opening for him in the recent times. Most of the movies in his career are sleeper hits which scores steadily at Box-Office. However, Kavan has given him a very good opening in spite of tough competition from Nayanthara's 'Dora'. 'Dora' has been attracting some mixed reviews and the coming week will decide its fate at Box-Office. With Vijay Sethupathi movie roaring loud, the movie is already a clear winner this week. As per resources, the movie has earned an estimate of around 3 Crores on its first day from all over Tamil Nadu which is seen as a very good number. Also, the movie is expected to rake in close to 10 Crores at the end of this week end. Seems like a genuine success for the team.

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