Vijayendra Prasad pens Mudhalvan 2 script - Will Rajinikanth do the lead?


According to latest reports, the Baahubali writer Vijayendra Prasad is currently working on the script of Mudhalvan 2. The sequel of the superhit movie Mudhalvan is long pending and it is expected to take off quite soon. Vijayendra Prasad was asked to pen the sequel of the movie by the producers of Nayak. Nayak was the Hindi remake of Mudhalvan and Anil Kapoor did the lead role. Both the versions were directed by S.Shankar. However the writer is not quite sure who would direct the sequel. Upon the news of Mudhalvan sequel, fans are wondering if Rajinikanth would do the lead in Mudhalvan 2.

Mudhalvan created with Rajinikanth on mind

Director Shankar created the script of Mudhalvan back in 1999 keeping Rajinikanth on mind. However due to many reason Arjun was replaced in the movie. The main reason was said to be Rajinikanth's aversion to politics at that time. But things are quite different now and the possibility of Rajinikanth acting on Mudhalvan 2 are quite high. Also if Shankar directs the Mudhalvan sequel he will definitely try to rope in Rajinikanth. He has already worked on 3 movies with Rajinikanth and this union is quite possible. Hope this expectation of fans become a reality.