Virat Kohli and Sunny Deol would have danced well - Twitter Trolls Amy Jackson's performance at IPL 10 ceremony

The Opening ceremony of the 10th Edition of IPL happened yesterday at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. Actress Amy Jackson performed to songs like 'Kala Chasma', 'Om Shanti Om' and others which was not received well by the audience present at the venue as they were not quite excited about the performance. The mediocre dance performance by Amy Jackson was also trolled instantly on twitter with an hast tag emerging minutes after her performance in the ceremony. People on Twitter started to give poor reviews while few others trolled her brutally for the dance performance. One of the user tweeted that many dance schools were closed after Amy Jackson's performance at IPL, while an other user commented that even Virat Kohli and Sunny Deol would have performed better than Amy Jackson.


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Meanwhile, Actress Poonam Kaur took the lime light from Amy Jackson after briefly appearing on the giant screen as the cameraman zoomed in on her. Poonam Kaur who was looking unimpressed by the dance performance started to smile as soon as she appeared on the giant screen. The crowd fell in love with the beautiful actress and instantly lightened up after the whole episode was captured on camera. Poonam Kaur who was termed as the mystery girl by the commentators and media stole the show with her beautiful smile.