Week 7 Eviction - Shakthi eliminated from Bigg Boss, Snehan and Aarav Safe.


Finally, as expected Shakthi has been evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil reality show. At the beginning of the show today, Aarav and Snehan were announced safe by Kamal Hassan. And without much delay or building suspense Shakthi was announced as the candidate to be evicted this week. This verdict came as quite a shock to both Shakthi himself and his friend Gayathri Raghuram. Shakthi however tried to cover up his emotions although there was a sign of disappointment on his face.

Shakthi was one of the important participant in Bigg Boss and a prominent member of the house. His eviction has come as quite a blow for his long time friend Gayathri. She was counting on him for a emotional support inside the house. With him being evicted, Gayathri Raghuram seemed to be very dejected. It must be noted that, this is the first time Shakthi has been nominated and it ended up pretty badly for him.

Raiza however seemed to be quite relieved with the eviction of Shakthi. She also told that it was something she had expected. In a conversation with Kamal Hassan before the announcement of eviction, Raiza told that Shakthi's eviction would impact Gayathri Raghuram the most. Gayathri seemed to be very disappointed with this comment from Raiza. This incident might ruffle up things between Raiza and Gayathri even more.