Why Bigg Boss interfering between Oviya and Gayathri? Why not Bharani issue?


Yesterday we saw the Bigg Boss making an effort to patch things up with Gayathri Raghuram and Oviya. They were asked to come into the confession room and was given a special task in order to smooth things between them. We saw Oviya coming forward and apologising to Gayathri Raghuram, and Gayathri consoling Oviya when she broke in tears. Although we are not sure how things would turn up in the days to come, for now the issue seems to be at rest. But this incident has raised a very big question among the audience. Why did Bigg Boss not interfere in the Bharani issue when all the house mates were targeting him. Bharani was in a very distressful situation but still there were no effort made by Bigg Boss.

Channel concerned over the immense popularity of Oviya

There are rumours that Gayathri Raghuram family members met with Bigg Boss team and expressed their disappointment over the way she is being portrayed. Also the team is quite shocked with the way Oviya had gained popularity. Oviya had won the hearts of people with her unique attitude and behaviour. The audience made it clear that they would watch the show only as long as Oviya is in the house. This development is something the makers of the show didn't expect. There are sources who claim that the Bigg Boss team might try and bring down Oviya's fame in the upcoming episodes.

Why Bigg Boss was a mute spectator on Bharani issue?

Although the show is not entirely scripted, the channel still have an upper hand over the happenings. Yesterdays incident is a proof for it. Bigg Boss mediating between Oviya and Gayathri is seen as an effort to put the show back on track. If they really care about the harmonious living of the house mates, they would have interfered in Bharani issue. When things got pretty dirty in Bharani issue, Bigg Boss was a mute spectator. But taking things into his hands on Oviya issue doesn't make any sense. Is Bigg Boss being partial? Comment your opinion below.


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