Why people love Oviya? Timeline of Oviya's popularity in Bigg Boss Tamil


When the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show started in Star Vijay, the only aspect that pulled the audience towards the show was Kamal Hassan. The show is completely foreign to the Tamil audience and the channel required a star like Kamal Hassan to make to audience watch the show. But now, the show is no longer only about Kamal Hassan. Oviya has already stole the lime light and is currently enjoying a unprecedented popularity. Oviya's popularity on the show has hit an all time high as everything about her becomes nothing short of a sensation.

Oviya who was not a very popular actress down south before the show started, rose to fame with her unique attitude in the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show. The show has earned a very good TRP for the channel and the social media is flooded with posts and discussion on Bigg Boss every day. The reason for this phenomenal success of the show can be attributed only to Oviya. Here is a quick time line of events that made Oviya the phenomenon that she is today.

Timeline of Oviya's popularity in Bigg Boss Tamil:

The Banana Moment:

This was probably the first time Oviya got people to talk about her. Oviya was requesting Bigg Boss to give some food as she was too hungry. She in her own typical style asked the Bigg Boss to spare at least a banana. This was very much trolled by the audience in social media. But her childish approach and innocence made a striking appeal among the fans.

Neenga Shut Up Pannunga:

This was probably the moment that made the audience to notice Oviya. She was slammed her fellow contestant Ganja Karuppu with the phrase 'Neenga Shut up pannunga' which is quite a rage now. Fans started to trend the phrase on social media and soon merchandises were printed bearing the phrase. One of the Youtube channel went a step ahead and released an anthem for Oviya with the phrase. Check out the anthem below.


Oviya vs Housemates

Soon after Bharani walked out of the show, the house mates started to target Oviya. But unlike Bharani, Oviya started to face it boldly. The way she handled all the issues on the house with a cool attitude was really appreciated by the audience. Gayathri Raghuram gathered the support of all the housemates and started to devise strategy against Oviya. But Oviya didn't give much of her attention to these issues and she was cool as always. This irritated the housemates even more. But the fans already started to celebrate her for her super cool nature and courage. Fans started to shower their appreciation on Oviya in social media and even many celebrities gave their support. Hast tags like #OviyaArmy and #Oviyafans started to emerge making her a wide spread phenomenon.

Betrayal of Julie

The incident of Julie betraying Oviya was widely discussed in the social media and Julie was trashed by Oviya fans. Julie by the time had earned a lot of hatred from the fans and this incident almost made her the most hated person on earth. Even Kamal Hassan took the side of Oviya which came as quite a surprise for all the housemates. They even started to believe that the channel is portraying the events of the house in favour of Oviya and purposely defaming her. This incident earned Oviya a lot of respect among the fans and all those who watched the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show.


Bitter end of romance with Aarav

Many expected that the focus would change from Oviya as a new housemate was injected in the form of Bindu Madhavi. But its been a week since Bindu Madhavi entered the house, and the show is still revolving around Oviya. The recent turmoil in the relationship of Oviya and Aarav has gained a lot of attention and the last two episodes was completely occupied with this issue. Aarav who was once very close with Oviya started to avoid her all of a sudden. Oviya was disheartened because of this unexplained and quick change of behaviour from Aarav. She was very emotional the whole of last week and was completely out of her usual behaviour. Fans once again took the side of Oviya and started to trash Aarav. However it was unknown what exactly happened, the fans were blindly supporting Oviya.

But things were clarified when Aarav himself admitted that he took advantage of her. He justified his stand by recalling a conversation where Oviya talked about having a casual relationship as long as in the house. But Oviya was too dejected on hearing this and said that she meant it as a joke and she complete fell in love with him later. This incident gave a much better clarity to audience as to whose fault it is actually.

Oviya has already enjoying a unanimous support from the audience. Now with the stained relationship with Aarav, she has gained the sympathy of the fans as well. With the fans having developed an unbreakable bond with Oviya, she is sure to be on the show till end and emerge as a winner. However, lets wait to see if the channel and the show creator have a different idea about this.